Xactly Launches New Integration with Gainsight to Give Revenue Leaders Unmatched Visibility Into Customer Sentiment Throughout Sales Journey

Partnership unlocks insights into both intelligent sales forecasting and historical customer relationships to optimize revenue pipeline
Jun 22, 2021
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SAN JOSE, Calif., June 22, 2021 — Xactly, the leader in revenue intelligence solutions, today announced its new integration with the leading Customer Success company, Gainsight. Combined with Xactly Forecasting—a first-of-its-kind solution that provides unparalleled accuracy by automating the sales forecasting process—this integration not only provides a holistic view of the status of current accounts, but a granular picture of multi-level sales forecasts down to the health of an individual deal. Now, armed with better visibility into customers’ sentiment throughout their journey, both Xactly and Gainsight customers can optimize all stages of the sales cycle, creating more resilient, profitable, and predictable revenue engines.

Today’s revenue leaders are under immense pressure to strengthen business performance, all while attempting to navigate a volatile economy. In fact, 93% of companies believe their existing revenue operating models cannot keep pace with ever-changing market conditions, and half of today’s sales leaders say it’s now more difficult than ever to forecast bookings. To solve this concern and support customers in future-proofing their revenue streams, Xactly launched its Forecasting solution in mid-2020, which uses advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to automate and systematize the historically unreliable process of sales forecasting, enhancing the precision of forecast numbers.

Gainsight’s platform aids customer success, post-sales, and product teams by giving a scoreboard of existing account health to deliver continuous value and grow net dollar retention (NDR). By bringing data together under one solution from two core revenue streams—new business leads and existing client relationships—this integration provides an unprecedented review of the customer’s experience across the sales funnel. 

“Xactly continuously innovates and disrupts the status quo to deliver exceptional value to our customers. The way of the future is intelligent revenue performance, and we’re always exploring opportunities to partner with leading companies to help customers uplevel their business operations and stay ahead in a competitive market,” said Chris Cabrera, founder and CEO of Xactly. “Unlike other solutions that only look ahead, Xactly’s new integration with Gainsight fuses historical customer insights with increased forecasting accuracy, providing revenue leaders with the confidence to call their numbers, instead of relying on gut-instinct.”  

“At Gainsight, we’re focused on providing customers with increased accuracy and agility. Through this partnership with Xactly, we’re unlocking a new way to access and examine the data from these two crucial revenue streams,” said Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta. “Today’s evolving business challenges require enterprise revenue leaders to thoroughly understand the health of both new and existing customer relationships, and, with Xactly, we’re creating the capabilities – grounded in accurate, reliable data – to make this possible.”

Earlier this year, Xactly also released its end-to-end platform for Revenue Operations (RevOps), which aided organizations in accelerating decision making while breaking-down long standing silos between Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success. This set a new standard for data-driven revenue pipeline management, and Xactly is furthering this goal through the Gainsight integration, creating one solution for both sales and account management teams and enabling organizations to develop shared strategies and success metrics. Xactly’s 16-year proprietary data engine is powered by insights from Salesforce, Oracle, and now Gainsight. 

To learn more about Xactly, its products and offerings, or if you are looking to join the company’s expanding team, please visit xactlycorp.com.

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Xactly empowers growing enterprises to effectively manage their revenue generation. Xactly’s Intelligent Revenue platform carries organizations through the full revenue lifecycle by focusing on planning, territory and quota, incentives, and pipeline management and forecasting from initial strategy development through execution and prioritization of all aspects of revenue optimization. Harnessing the power of AI, Xactly’s scalable, cloud-based platform combines great software with the industry’s most comprehensive 16-year data set to give customers the trusted insights they need to improve sales performance and grow revenue. Xactly’s 16-year proprietary data engine is powered by insights from Salesforce, Oracle, Gainsight, and continues to expand. 

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