National Instruments Visualizes Growth with Xactly

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The Challenge

National Instruments is a technology company based in Austin, TX that aims to equip engineers and scientists with systems that accelerate productivity, innovation, and discovery. Prior to Xactly, National Instruments’ reporting had been labor intensive and manual and they had few metrics in place to accurately track plan performance. With a significant redesign to their 2015 incentive compensation plans, National Instruments was looking for a way to better understand performance and optimize their program design.

The Solution

Given the desire to track the performance of their new plans and leverage the recently deployed technology, Xactly Strategic Services™ engaged directly with the National Instruments team to address this request. Through a workshop approach, the teams worked together to deploy a set of customized reporting and analytics views that would allow National Instruments executives to proactively monitor the performance of their incentive compensation plans over the course of the year.

The Results

With daily updates of incentive compensation data within Xactly dashboards, National Instruments can now analyze and filter their data by quarter, job title, plan type, geography, and team. With this new process and set of tools, National Instruments is able to fully understand the performance of each of their specific sales organizations. These dashboards are utilized to compare their expectations against actual performance in key areas of focus demonstrated in the following sample reports. National Instruments gained the necessary tools to leverage their incentive compensation spend towards achieving top line growth. With their newly established dashboards, National Instruments is now able to analyze and investigate areas of improvement within their current incentive compensation program and take action to enhance overall business performance.