Key Pillars Of

Operational Sales Management

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Streamline Processes

Proactively monitor and update four key areas - People, Territories, Quotas, and Credits. By managing these collaboratively across your organization, you can ensure your sales plan is executed accurately and efficiently.

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Workflows and Multi-user Editing

Build trust and collaborate efficiently across different departments. Front line sales managers can submit changes directly with appropriate workflow for approval.

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Seamless CRM Integration

Integrate seamlessly with your existing CRM such as Salesforce, ICM solution, and other enterprise systems to transfer data and thus enable a holistic approach to sales planning and execution.

AQP Planning
Decentralized Planning

Enable sales managers to plan for revenue growth and adjustments on an account by account basis. Deploy Top-Down, Bottom-Up, Hybrid and Overlay Planning.

Streamline Processes

Xactly’s Operational Sales Management solution unifies four key areas — People, Territories, Quotas, and Credits. By connecting these processes and integrating them with a company’s existing tech stack, Xactly’s Operational Sales Management solution streamlines the time-consuming and error-prone process of managing changes in the sales organization.

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overcome process challenges

Scale and Execute Changes with Ease

Xactly’s Operational Sales Management solution automates the administration of the day-to-day change that inevitably occurs within a sales organization.

The management of the sales team is critical to the success of an enterprise, but it’s typically executed manually through disparate spreadsheets, where it’s hard to ensure proper data governance.

As an organization starts to scale, a data-informed and automated approach to sales management is critical to sales success.


Automated: Integrate seamlessly with your existing tech stack and automate processes to eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual tasks.

Collaborative: Ease collaboration across sales, sales leadership, and sales operations to seamlessly manage day-to-day changes.

Data-informed: Provide a single source of truth with customizable dashboards to track performance and quickly identify gaps.

Continuous: Easily handle versioning and effective date changes to roster, territory, quota, and credits as your organization scales.

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