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Supports large amounts of data to accommodate growth.

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Spreadsheet Look and Feel

Modeled after Excel spreadsheets, a familiar interface cuts out the learning curve for inputting data.

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Built-in Payment Templates

Based on the analysis of thousands of comp plans, choose from several best-in-breed templates to help build yours.

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Go Global

SimplyComp supports currencies worldwide and is localized in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Incentive compensation has never been so easy!

Accurate and timely commission payments are crucial for successful sales organizations. With Xactly SimplyComp, let go of manual processes and automate compensation plans with our powerful, scalable calculation engine. From pipeline to paycheck, Xactly SimplyComp helps you save time and reduce costly payout errors. 

SimplyComp Dashboard
SimplyComp Dashboard

Out-of-the-Box Payment Plan Templates

Our customizable commission plan templates are the building blocks for your compensation plans. Xactly SimplyComp includes eight built-in templates—all designed on the best practices of thousands of compensation plans.  

Fast Implementation

Create compensation plans in just minutes—design a sales commission structure, easily load data, quickly build customized reports, and instantly calculate commission results for your team.

SimplyComp Dashboard