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A Leader with His Eye on Culture and Technology


Xactly is disrupting the SPM space with its data-driven platform. Learn how CEO Chris Cabrera’s innovation was recognized with his latest award...


Sales Technology: The Value of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML)

Analytics and Technology, Sales Performance Management

Discover how artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) sales technology can provide key insights to optimize your sales planning and...


3 High-Level Benefits of Using your Sales Data Effectively

Sales Coaching and Motivation, Sales Planning, Territory Design

You need data to be an agile sales organization. Learn how you can use sales data to plan more effectively from Xactly VP Gen Business Sales, Doug...


10 Things to Look for in a Sales Performance Management (SPM) Platform

Analytics and Technology, Sales Performance Management

Aligned, agile, data-driven sales organizations perform better. Here are the top 10 things to look for in a sales performance management (SPM)...


The Importance of Data Insights for Strategic Financial Planning

Forecasting, Incentive Compensation, Sales Performance Management

Learn why finance leaders need key insights and data-driven decisions for successful financial planning and forecasting from Xactly CFO, Elizabeth...


5 Benefits of Automation for Sales Organizations

Incentive Compensation, Sales Performance Management

Automation, for many companies, is a term that often accompanies growth. Discover 5 key benefits of automation for sales organizations and how to get...


Bridging the Gap Between Sales and Finance

Forecasting, Sales Performance Management, Sales Planning

Stronger sales planning should be data-driven and aligned with company goals. Learn how companies can achieve this by their aligning sales and finance...


Top 10 Non-Financial Sales Rewards to Motivate Reps

Incentive Compensation, Sales Coaching and Motivation

Sales compensation is the primary way to motivate reps. Discover the top 10 non-financial sales rewards that can boost performance and motivate your...


How Xactly's Prior Payment Processing (PPP) Improves Payroll

Incentive Compensation, Revenue Recognition (ASC 606)

Prior period adjustments complicate payroll for companies. Discover how Xactly Incent's automated Prior Period Processing (PPP) helps improve your...


Sales Compensation Planning: 5 Tips to Improve Performance in 2020

Incentive Compensation, Sales Planning

Sales incentives are the number one driver of team performance. Improve your team's performance in 2020 with these five sales compensation planning...


What is Sales Performance Management (SPM)?

Sales Performance Management

Businesses need access to accurate data insights to drive performance. Learn how sales performance management (SPM) helps you plan effectively and...


How to Measure Your Sales Effectiveness

Sales Coaching and Motivation, Sales Performance Management

Top sales organizations must be productive and efficient to operate at peak performance. These are 5 sales effectiveness metrics you should be...


5 Common Questions about Sales Compensation Planning

Incentive Compensation, Sales Planning

Understanding the different incentive payment structures is important, but what’s even more crucial is knowing WHEN to use them. Learn more...

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