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How to use Data for Strategic Sales Planning

Sales Planning, Territory Design

Organizations need data-driven insights to optimize their internal processes and maximize efficiency. Learn how to use data for strategic sales...


The Future of Finance: 10 Reasons CFOs Must Adopt Technology to Drive Growth

Analytics and Technology, Forecasting, Revenue Recognition (ASC 606)

CFOs need accurate data for planning. Learn how today's CFOs can leverage technology and data to improve forecasting, sales compensation planning, and...


How to Increase Sales Productivity

Analytics and Technology, Sales Performance Management

The more productive your sales team, the better your overall performance. Find out how to increase your sales productivity with sales performance...


10 Sales Comp Best Practices to Improve Your Incentive Plan

Benchmarking, Incentive Compensation, Sales Planning

Your sales incentive plan drives rep behaviors. Use these sales compensation best practices to improve planning, quota attainment, and sales...


How to Use Optimized Sales Planning to Drive Growth like Salesforce

Customer Story, Sales Performance Management, Sales Planning

Every sales organizations needs strategic planning and analysis. See how Salesforce uses Xactly to manage their global sales force and drive company...


Artificial Intelligence in Sales: 4 Steps to Use AI/ML Effectively

Analytics and Technology

Artificial intelligence in sales seems like it's not worth the hype, but it's a big opportunity for companies. Learn why AI is crucial to competing in...


Commission Expense Accounting: 5 Steps to Simplify ASC 606 Compliance

Revenue Recognition (ASC 606)

Commission expense accounting under ASC 606 requires detailed data. Learn how to easily gather the data and comply with the new Revenue Recognition...


Sales Ops Best Practices: How to Use Data to Plan More Effectively

Analytics and Technology, Sales Planning

Discover how these sales ops best practices put an end to the pain of collecting, presenting, and analyzing sales data. Here's how they improve...


Xactly C.A.R.E. Week: Who CAREs?

Xactly's second-annual C.A.R.E. Week was a huge success! Here's a recap of why our CARE values shape Xactly's culture and all the excitement from the...


The Cost of Employee Disengagement

Incentive Compensation, Sales Coaching and Motivation

Disengaged employees perform at a lower level. Learn how disengagement impacts morale and the true cost of employees who aren't motivated to do their...


How Corporate Social Responsibility Inspires Performance

Sales Coaching and Motivation

Workplace culture has a big impact on employee engagement and morale. Learn how corporate social responsibility can motivate and inspire employee...


How to Measure Sales Performance Fully and Completely

Sales Performance Management, Sales Planning

Measuring sales performance accurately is important to drive growth. Learn what metrics you should track for better insight into your sales...


6 Sales Onboarding Best Practices & Tips for Success

Sales Coaching and Motivation

Onboarding a new salesperson requires a strong combination of people and technology. These are six sales onboarding practices and tips you need to...


The Gender Pay Gap in Soccer and Sales

Incentive Compensation

Following the Women's World Cup, gender pay gaps came into focus, but they aren't limited to sports. Learn how you can eliminate pay differences in...


How to Predict and Reduce Sales Turnover with Data

Analytics and Technology, Sales Performance Management

For sales organizations, it can be costly to replace a top-performing sales rep. Learn how data and AI/ML technology can help predict and reduce sales...


What Defines a Great Sales Manager?

Sales Coaching and Motivation, Sales Performance Management

Effective sales managers are key to organizational success. These are qualities to look for and mistakes to avoid when hiring sales managers in your...

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