CFO Insights: Maximizing Revenue with Win-Win Strategies

Recorded on May 23, 2019

Elizabeth Salomon, Chief Financial Officer, Xactly
Vijai Shankar, Head of Product Marketing, Xactly

Today’s top finance leaders are the catalysts of digital transformation and realize that driving growth and revenue requires more than just maximizing efficiencies.

They must collaborate with their sales team to develop win-win strategies and ensure sales behaviors are aligned with company goals. This requires a comprehensive look at the entire Sales Performance Management (SPM) value chain, from planning to compensation.

In this webinar, Elizabeth Salomon, Xactly Chief Financial Officer, will share her thoughts on how to:

  • Increase collaboration for sales capacity, quota, and compensation planning

  • Drive 15% more revenue  and achieve 10% higher quota attainment with a data-driven approach

  • Build trust and improve overall sales productivity by 20%