A Toast to 2019: Cheers to Data-Driven Decision Making

Recorded December 6, 2018

Noel Paton, Xactly EMEA Sales Manager
Cole Connelly, Xactly Product Manager
Michelle Howard, Xactly Product Marketing Manager

With year end, sales leaders are razor focused on two key areas: hitting numbers and planning for the year ahead. However, basing team performance decisions on gut instinct may not be the most effective way to plan.

On Thursday, December 6, join Michelle Howard (Product Marketing Manager) Noel Paton (Xactly EMEA Sales Manager)  and Cole Connelly (Xactly Product Manager) to discuss the benefit of using real-time data insights to proactively identify important areas of focus, close the year strong and get a head start in 2019!

What You'll Get From Our Webinar?

  • Understand the intersection of pay and performance across your sales teams
  • Leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to predict sales rep attrition, and its impact to current and future planning
  • Use benchmarking data elements like tenure and pay mix to identify when your team will hit optimal sales performance

Discover the importance of using data to drive decisions as you plan for 2019.