Smart Sales Compensation Management

Save Time, Eliminate Commission Errors and Gain Compensation Visibility

Xactly Incent is the smart way to manage incentive compensation. It’s web-based, automated approach replaces tedious manual processes to make any compensation program easy to manage and error free.

With Xactly Incent, you can:

  • Deliver Real Time Visibility Across the Organization
  • Calculate Compensation Quickly and Accurately
  • Reduce Costs Associated with Sales Compensation
  • Provide Audit Trails for Transactions

Modules:Model Compensation Plans, Analyze Commissions & More

Xactly has developed a dynamic set of modules to expand the capabilities of Incent.
Modules can be added in any combination depending on your organization's specific needs.


All of your sales compensation metrics in one place.

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eDocs & Approvals

Customize, route, track, and approve compensation documents.

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See the effects of changes to your compensation plan with ease.

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Make changes to your compensation system without affecting production.

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Automate territory management and credit assignment.

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Request customized compensation reports based on your needs.

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Xactly Delta:
Link Sales Compensation with HR, Payroll, and More

Good decisions require good data. But gathering data is hard when it resides in multiple locations — unless you have Xactly Incent.

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