Incent Software Superchargers

At Xactly, we’re big believers in freedom of choice. We also know that no two companies are exactly alike, so we developed a variety of modules that extend the value of Xactly Incent software. Each one fully integrates with Xactly Incent, can be turned on immediately, and provides a distinctly different benefit to your compensation program. You simply choose the modules that are right for your company.


Compensation Management Insight


A single, unified view of all sales compensation management (SCM) metrics delivers amazing clarity. While, powerful ad hoc analysis and prebuilt SCM analytic content offers the ultimate in data slice-and-dice flexibility. Together, they take decision making to a new level. And that’s exactly what you get with Xactly Analytics.

Four Ways Analytics Makes Life Easier:

  • Gain a better understanding of sales spend
  • Drive greater alignment between finance and sales teams
  • Boost overall sales and financial performance
  • Build a cohesive corporate plan using incentive compensation as a strategic lever


Track Plan Documents and Approvals


Incentive compensation involves numerous documents and approvals. Xactly eDocs & Approvals lets you take control of the process from beginning to end and makes it infinitely easier to customize, route, track, and approve incentive-related documents throughout your company.

Four Ways eDocs & Approvals Makes Life Easier:

  • Customize the document flow process
  • Tailor and personalize emails and notifications
  • Route plan documents, certification letters and more
  • Track the status of reviews and approvals


Test-Drive Commission Plans


Knowing if a program works before you launch it saves countless hours and results in happier sales reps. With Xactly Modeling, you can test drive plan changes risk free, making it easy and safe to design, implement, and adjust incentive programs whenever business demands it.

Four Ways Modeling Makes Life Easier:

  • Forecast expenses using actual/projected orders
  • Change your organization structure and see top and bottom-line effects
  • Model plan changes to predict potential consequences
  • Push modeled changes to the live Xactly Incent environment seamlessly


Freedom to Experiment


Xactly Sandbox is a multi-tenant, on-demand solution that provides a full copy of your Incent production data, from configurations, to orders, and results. With Sandbox, you can have the confidence to experiment with any aspect of your compensation system, while leaving your production environment unaffected.

Four Ways Sandbox Makes Life Easier:

  • Test plan changes on new and historical data
  • Configure and test new-year plan changes
  • Explore customization options
  • Validate Connect API changes


Automate Sales Territory Management and Credit Assignment


Xactly Territories™ is an end-to-end, multi-tenant, on-demand solution for territory planning and management. Xactly Territories enables companies to align its sales resources across well-defined territories and manage it in real-time to meet daily business challenges. Territories helps reduce mistakes in credit assignment while improving sales operations and compensation processes in your organization.

Four Ways Sandbox Makes Life Easier:

  • Test plan changes on new and historical data
  • Configure and test new-year plan changes
  • Explore customization options
  • Validate Connect API changes


Custom Reporting Solutions


Your company and your data are unique, so why aren’t your reports? Xactly Views lets you request customized reports based on your unique business needs, so you can see everything you want, and nothing you don’t. The best part? Not only can Views report on data from your instance of Xactly Incent, but it can be merged with other data sources too!

Four Ways Views Makes Life Easier:

  • Xactly does the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to
  • Report on data from Xactly Incent and other sources to provide a cohesive picture
  • Run & distribute custom reports any time you want
  • Report formats are tailored so you see everything you want, the way you want