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Xactly supports expansion of hyper-growth startup Databricks


Workiva overhauls compensation processes, simplifies work with Incent


LogicMonitor Trades Spreadsheets For Automation and Scalability with Xactly

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Revenue Predictability and Consistent Sales Execution

Xactly Forecasting® leverages real-time pipeline analytics to drive consistent sales execution, deliver more accurate sales forecasts, and accelerate predictable revenue.


Recognize Performance Drivers, Improve Comp ROI

Xactly Benchmarking™ allows organizations to analyze external market factors for comparison by leveraging Xactly’s 19 years of proprietary pay and performance data.*

*Aggregated and anonymized with customer consent

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Automate Commission Earnings Projections

Determine commission earnings forecast with a direct connection to pipeline data, increasing overall accuracy alongside revenue forecast.


Pipeline Management and Forecasting in the Intelligent Revenue Platform

As part of the broader Intelligent Revenue Platform, Xactly Forecasting, Benchmarking and Insights customers have access to the entire portfolio, allowing them to achieve more precise plans, better incentives, and data-informed insights to give them more confidence in their pipeline.