10 Sales Statistics You Should Know in 2019

These sales statistics tell a story: how sales changing, what kinds of best practices exist, and where the challenges lie. Here are 10 stats you need to know.

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Sales statistics are a variety of metrics that provide insight into your sales organization's health. Industry and planning-specific statistics also help guide sales planning and incentive compensation. When used properly, statistics should tell a story.

Numbers and metrics can show what methods are working for an organization, as well as uncover gaps that need to be filled. We did some research and compiled some valuable sales stats that are important for all salespeople to be aware of. You'll find, these statistics tell a story about the sales industry: how it’s changing, what kinds of best practices exist, and where the challenges lie.

10 Sales Statistics for Better Planning

1. Companies that set cookie-cutter quotas across similar roles see 14% lower quota attainment than those that assign quotas based on territory-specific opportunities (Complete Sales Planning Handbook.)

2. Organizations that use automated territory planning technology have up to 20% higher sales achievement than the average (Optimizing Sales Territory Design: Sales Management Association 2018 Research Update)

3. Nearly 50% of companies fail to measure and adjust financial forecasts and plans to account for the residual impact caused by sales force attrition (2018 Mid-Market Sales Incentive Study)

4. 95% of companies who use ICM technology have payouts completed in less than 6 weeks, with the majority under 3 weeks (2018 Sales Comp Administration Survey) (2018 Sales Comp Administration Survey)

5. 83% of companies have payment inaccuracies for commissions, at an average rate higher than 5 percent. (2018 Sales Comp Administration Survey)

6. An compensation payment error rate of 1 percent can cost a company $500,000, while a 5 percent error rate can cost $2.5M (2018 Sales Comp Administration Survey)

7. Companies paying competitively at the 75th percentile or higher have 50% less sales turnover (Xactly Insights)

8. Top performing sales reps hit their peak quota attainment between 2-3 years in their role (Xactly Insights: The Impact of Tenure on the Retention of Top Performers)

9. Enterprises will miss the equivalent of up to 10% of annual sales lost opportunity that could have been captured through improved management of sales territories, quota and compensation plans (Gartner). Learn more in our Enterprise Guide to Sales Performance Management.

10. An integrated SPM suite increases sales productivity by 12.5% and accelerate financial close times up to 50% (Simon & Kucher, Optimizing Sales Territories for Strategic Advantage)

Putting Sales Statistics to Work

As the driver of your sales organization, your sales plan must be accurate. The best way to do this? Your sales performance data. Learn more about using data to drive your sales planning in our guide, "Optimizing Sales Planning with Data Intelligence."

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