What is Operational Sales Management?

Nov 09, 2020
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Xactly’s new agile SPM offering has accelerated digital transformation for enterprise organizations. Discover everything you need to know about operational sales management.

It’s easy to draw up a plan on paper, but as Mike Tyson famously quoted, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” Well, 2020 punched many of us in the mouth!  Even the greatest sales plans have to be not only put into action but constantly realigned to be effective.  

We all know that effectively operationalizing the sales plan is critical to a sales team’s success, but what happens when it’s managed manually through disparate spreadsheets and across different departments? Unfortunately, this is the reality for many organizations. This situation creates a myriad of challenges, from struggling to keep data clean and accurate to tasks taking much longer than they should and leaders not having enough visibility into results. And all of this is compounded by changes to the real-world sales organization including promotions, hiring, attrition, quota changes, territory realignments, and more.

As companies begin to grow and expand, an automated approach to sales management is critical to success. By streamlining the manual, time-consuming, and error-prone process of managing employee changes, organizations can operate in a more agile manner and drive the digital transformation that is key to success.

Xactly’s Operational Sales Management (OSM) offering provides sales leaders access to a single source of truth that seamlessly integrates with their existing sales tech stack. The new solution ensures leadership across sales, sales ops, compensation, and finance can respond to the normalcy of change while still hitting their revenue goals. OSM  automates the management of the day-to-day changes that inevitably occur within sales organizations by focusing on four key areas: 


  • Manage the go-to-market team and position movements
  • Sales Hierarchies 
  • Employee Reconciliation 
  • Payee Attribute Management


  • Manage ongoing changes to territories
  • Account Hierarchies 
  • Account Assignments 
  • Territory Rule Definitions


  • Manage quota deployment and ongoing changes
  • Top-Down, Bottom-Up, and Derived Quota Deployment 
  • Quota Assignments 
  • Overlay Quota Rules


  • Manage ongoing credit assignment by both rule and exception
  • Crediting Hierarchies 
  • Overlay Credits 
  • Territory and Transaction rule crediting

How Flowserve Uses Operational Sales Management: 

Our customer Flowserve recently launched an OSM deployment. The organization was already a loyal Xactly Incent user, but after working with experts  Xactly, David Lowe, Director of Global Sales Operations at Flowserve, shared,  “I've been with Flowserve for 27 years. I know our customer base, our products, and our organization. What I don't know is if what we're doing is the most effective thing. That’s why I rely on experts. They can inform our choices as a true partner in this relationship.”

Having access to intuitive, real-time solutions allowed Lowe’s teams to rise to the occasion and prove that the organization as a whole could count on them to take control and navigate through uncertainty with confidence.  

Organizations that use OSM can expect 2-3X increased efficiency and 12% increased productivity by integrating processes. With this new offering, our goal is to help companies break down barriers and pave the pathways to digital transformation. To learn more about OSM and Agile SPM, download our new Guide, The Enterprise Leader’s Guide to Success in the New Sales Era.

To hear more about Operational Sales Management, tune in to today’s webinar with Flowserve. 

  • Incentive Compensation
  • Sales Performance Management
  • Sales Planning
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