Xactly Achieves Strongest Quarter in Company History, Grows Bookings by 92%

Unmatched solutions, customer support, world-class leadership, and global adoption propel company success
Nov 09, 2021
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San Jose, CA. November 9, 2021 -- Xactly, the leader in intelligent revenue solutions, continues its exceptional growth. The company has achieved its greatest quarter of all time, and is on pace to deliver a record breaking year with YTD bookings growth already at 80%.

Building on the momentum of the first half, Xactly continues to see strong demand for their industry-leading solutions and customer service.  This propelled the company to an exceptional Q3 performance that included: 

  • Recording the largest quarterly bookings in the company’s history
  • Attaining 118% of plan, with 92% YoY new bookings growth
  • Closing its first 8-figure ARR transaction

Looking to the future, Xactly announced last month its expansion in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region with the launch of Xactly Forecasting in Japan. The move builds on rapid growth across Asia and Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) where Xactly has grown 103% YTD. 

Additionally, the company enhanced its strategic partnerships to complement its suite of offerings and services, which has increased adoption and provided unmatched capabilities to customers worldwide.

  • Salesforce: Continuing a 16-year partnership, Salesforce has helped Xactly build demand in Japan and across Asia. With packaged integrations and a strong go-to-market relationship, Salesforce customers around the globe can extend their core CRM with the powerful  forecasting, planning and incentive compensation management capabilities of the Xactly Intelligent Revenue platform.
  • Oracle: Xactly’s move to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) has expanded our global reach and improved application performance. In addition to technical infrastructure improvements, the relationship has driven pipeline growth with strong collaboration in new business and major accounts.
  • Microsoft: Xactly continues to strengthen its go to market partnerships with industry leaders and the integration of its packaged solutions, including Xactly Incent, with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. With enterprises and mid-size companies accounting for a large percentage of Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer base, Xactly leverages the Dynamics 365 platform and the Microsoft AppSource business application marketplace to enable thousands of Microsoft customers across the globe. 

Building on the launch of Xactly’s Intelligent Revenue Platform and Xactly Transform, the company released Xactly Framework in August 2021. This new solution helps companies derive even greater value from the Xactly solutions they currently use and enables them to address even more complex challenges in their revenue operations processes.

Across regions, leading tech companies like LinkedIn, MetaCompliance, and CI Global Asset Management, have all turned to Xactly to grow their top-line revenues with unparalleled insights into their revenue pipelines.

  • With Xactly, LinkedIn has grown its sales team from 125 sales representatives to over 5,000, streamlined Incentive Compensation Management processes from 120 hours/month to minutes, and is able to make 3X more changes to sales plans year over year.
  • Since using Xactly Forecasting, MetaCompliance has driven greater revenue predictability and achieved forecasting accuracy of nearly 100%. This increase comes from a move to a data-driven decision process that eliminates intuition bias from the forecasting process and a more precise view of their pipeline.
  • Xactly has powered a 10% reduction in errors for CI Global Asset Management. These errors would have cost tens of thousands if left unidentified. Additionally, forecasts have seen a 20 percent improvement in accuracy and they have enhanced their reputation and brand to attract and retain top performers.

As the demand for Xactly’s Intelligent Revenue solutions grows, the need to drive talent acquisition globally has grown as well. Xactly recently hired Megan Ackerson as its new CHRO to lead this charge. Megan will advance Xactly’s culture, belonging, inclusion and diversity (CBID) strategy to sustain high engagement and continue its award-winning workplace legacy.

Xactly has already won twelve awards in 2021, validating the success of the company across workplace, product, and leadership categories.

About Xactly

Xactly has helped thousands of companies and millions of sellers around the world beat their revenue targets. Using Xactly’s solutions, leaders look past the current quarter to create revenue streams for long-term growth.

The Xactly Intelligent Revenue Platform marries artificial intelligence and 16 years of proprietary data in easy-to-use applications. Sentiment, process and trend analysis come together to form accurate machine forecasts. Quick identification and implementation of revenue plan, quota and territory improvements is easy. And, rapid calculation of even the most complex compensation plans keeps sales reps motivated and on track.

This makes the Xactly Intelligent Revenue Platform the only solution that aligns seller behavior with boardroom strategy to create a resilient, predictable and profitable business.

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