Sales Planning Solutions

Xactly’s Planning Solutions help organizations orchestrate GTM planning to drive alignment from demand creation to revenue recognition.

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Visualize and Optimize Territory Alignment

Oftentimes, businesses struggle with the ongoing maintenance and design of fairly balanced territories. They creating equitable and efficient territories that uncover opportunities, increase productivity and retain top Sales talent.

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Automate Capacity and Quota Planning

Creates, monitor and optimize data-driven sales capacity and quota plans. It allows the ability to go beyond the annual planning cycle and respond with agility to market disruptions.

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Unify Operations for People, Territories, Credits and Quotas

Provide the agility to manage personnel and territory changes, and maintain transparency of quotas, incentives and goals within a centralized solution, translating sales plans into revenue growth.

Intelligent Revenue Platform GTM: Predict

Xactly’s Intelligent Revenue Platform

We equip organizations with the tools they need to create consistent revenue growth through optimally staffed sales organizations, equally distributed capacity and quotas, and balanced territories.

Xactly’s Intelligent Revenue Platform delivers predictable, profitable and resilient revenue by breaking down the silos across your go-to-market teams to support planning, performance and prediction.

Sales Planning in the Intelligent Revenue Platform

As part of the broader Intelligent Revenue Platform, Xactly’s Sales Planning Solutions leverage automation and data to help Sales and Revenue leaders identify achievable targets, design sales capacity plans and territories, and operate efficiently within a unified platform. These solutions align with an agile GTM strategy that includes revenue team performance and prediction.

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