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Strategic Sales Planning

The Impact of Strategic Sales Planning

Reduction in time to create sales plans
Increase in reps’ quota attainment

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High Tech Industry Leader

"Xactly made it easier to embrace an analytical approach to sales planning and incentive comp. We now benefit from quicker turnaround times during our sales planning process."

Senior Manager, Business Operations

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Change is Inevitable

Proactively Respond to Change

Change is inevitable. Growth is only optional when enterprises are not equipped to respond to change.

Xactly’s Strategic Sales Planning solution eliminates the guesswork in building plans that align with enterprises’ sales and revenue targets to drive top-line growth.

Leverages AI and advanced scenario modeling to proactively respond to changing market conditions and optimize how to deploy go-to-market teams.

Build Data-Informed Plans Collaboratively

Managing sales performance means having a strong understanding of what parameters drive sales for your organization. Compensation can be a well-oiled machine but if sales reps have the wrong territories and unrealistic quotas you will be off the trajectory on meeting your goals. Strategic Sales Planning involves four key considerations: Profitability, Capacity, Alignment, and Target planning.

Strategic Sales Planning

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