5 Tools to Unleash Intelligent Revenue

5 Steps to Drive Profitable Revenue

Karrie Lucero

Karrie Lucero

Aug 31, 2021
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All revenue is not equal. How do you organize your revenue efforts in a way that maximizes your investment in sales, and what data do you need to do this effectively?

​Every company has one thing in common: the need to drive profitable revenue. Constant market changes have shown that not all revenue is created equally. To drive profitability, businesses must adopt a new revenue operations mindset and change their revenue strategies.

Good vs. Bad Revenue

Today’s businesses need long-term revenue that impacts earnings in the future, as well as the present. This requires a different approach in how sales structures deals.

To achieve Intelligent Revenue, you need to answer the following questions:  How are you currently bringing in revenue? Where are there opportunities to improve your sales cycle? What changes to territories, incentives, quotas, etc. can you make to increase profitability?

The difference between “good” and “bad” revenue is long-term profitability. The first deal brings in more revenue over time with the same amount of sales activity and effort. At Xactly, we call this “good revenue” approach Intelligent Revenue.

To achieve Intelligent Revenue, you need to answer the following questions:

  • How are you currently bringing in revenue?
  • Where are there opportunities to improve your sales cycle?
  • What changes to territories, incentives, quotas, etc. can you make to increase profitability?

Answering those questions is nearly impossible without intelligent tools and processes in place. To help you achieve Intelligent Revenue, here are five steps to drive profitable growth in your organization.

5 Steps to Drive Revenue Profitability

How to drive revenue profitability  1. Get All of Your Data in One Place 2. Eliminate Intuition Bias  3. Align Incentives & Territories with Good Revenue 4. Maximize Forecasting Accuracy 5. Embrace Technology

1. Get All of Your Data in One Place

Enterprises with aligned internal departments are 72% more profitable.

Without centralized, accurate data, your ability to drive profitability is limited. Data housed in different locations and formats means two things: data is inconsistent across your organization, and it’s likely inaccurate.

Intelligent Revenue centralizes data to align your organization, ensure decisions are informed by the same information, and improve profitability. For three companies, it empowered them to sustain profitability throughout global disruption and market changes.

2. Eliminate Intuition Bias with Additional Insights

58% of leaders make decisions based on “gut feelings” and “how things have always been done.”

It’s human nature to rely on our gut instincts, but that isn’t always 100 percent accurate. Combining intuition with intelligent technology provides additional insights for informed decision-making. That way you know what changes to make to stay on target, opening the door to sustainable growth, innovation, and profitability

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3. Align Incentives and Territories with Good Revenue

57 percent of profitable companies use AI-powered technology, like compensation software, to improve their selling processes.

Intelligent Revenue identifies the most profitable revenue strategies for your company. You need to align your incentive compensation with those revenue sources. Reward your sales team for going after “good” revenue and closing those deals.

You also need to build your territories around the areas that promote “good” revenue. Intelligent territory tools use your data to suggest the most profitable territories for your organization.

“Managing compensation effectively at this scale without an automated solution would limit our ability to make strategic decisions because our time would be spent calculating comp on spreadsheets, which is unnecessary. We’d still be stuck in the mentality of ‘what can we do?’ versus ‘what do we want to do that will drive results.’”  - Matt Sheppard, Global Sales Compensation Operations and Systems, LinkedIn

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4. Maximize Your Forecasting Accuracy

High-performing sales teams are 1.5x more likely to base forecasts off of intelligent insights.

Accurate forecasting is critical to driving profitable revenue. Teams that use sales forecasting technology improve their forecast accuracy and perform better. Intelligent forecasting uses your data to provide an in-depth look at your entire sales cycle and identify where you can improve it.

Intelligent Forecasting empowers you in four ways
“We went from our best endeavors to a sales forecasting accuracy rate of nearly 100 percent. In addition to the increased sales forecasting precision, we are listened to and treated exceptionally well, relationships matter, therefore we have never attempted to find another Forecasting solution. There is mutual respect and care between our teams.”

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5. Embrace Intelligent Technology

5 Tools to Unleash Intelligent Revenue

Manual sales processes are time-consuming and hinder your growth and profitability. Intelligent Revenue technology reduces time spent on planning and aids in driving profitable revenue. It provides the insights you need to improve your revenue strategies and adjust plans to stay on target.

Intelligent Revenue allows you to achieve:

  • Revenue Predictability: Understand potential performance outcomes based on your historic and current data trends
  • Revenue Profitability: Uncover changes that will increase performance and profitability
  • Revenue Resiliency: Adapt plans quickly to stay on target in every situation
Using Xactly’s Intelligent Revenue Platform, Balto Shortens Sales Cycle & Increases Win Rates

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Making Intelligent, Profitable Revenue a Reality

Identifying your most profitable revenue sources and what changes you need to make is critical to driving growth. With the right Intelligent Revenue technology and partner, it can be easily achieved. Discover how you can increase your profitability with Intelligent Revenue by scheduling a meeting with an Xactly expert today.

Karrie Lucero
Karrie Lucero
Creative Strategist

Karrie Lucero is a Creative Strategist at Xactly Corp. She earned Journalism and Marketing degrees from New Mexico State University and has experience in the tech and SaaS industries, content strategy and creation, video production, and brand storytelling.