Sales Planning Fundamentals – Building Your Framework for 2019

Recorded December 13, 2018

Eric Embir, Xactly Sales Planning Product Manager

Without accurate sales planning, you’re operating at a disadvantage right out of the gate. If you are not hiring at the right pace, you can’t accommodate quota capacity and if territories are imbalanced, you miss potential sales opportunities. Learn how you can increase your ability to hit targets with intelligent, automated and continuous sales planning.

Eric Embir, Xactly Sales Planning Product Manager, will share timely and objective insights for a data-driven discussion.

What You'll Get From Our Webinar?

  • How to know when your ramp assumptions are too low

  • Insight into whether your quota allocations are realistic

  • How to calculate sales productivity to plan for future workforce requirements

View the on-demand webinar now to make sales planning a proactive rather than reactive process – and gain the competitive edge to achieve this year’s sales goals.